Rat-L-Trap Rundown with Mark Daniels Jr. | Size Does Matter

With little more than a week before the Rat-L-Trap Open on the California Delta blasts off, Mark Daniels Jr. checks back with some advice on matching lure size to the tide.

Here is what he had to say...                      


With the Delta being a tidal fishery,  I think lure size is going to be critical at the Rat-L-Trap Open. You need to play with the different sizes of the 'Traps. The two that you will need to include is the 1/2 oz and the 3/4 oz.


When the tide is out or falling, you're obviously not going to have as much water, so the 1/2 oz will be better to keep the lure higher in the water column and ticking the weeds. Your presentation doesn't specifically have to be deflection, but you have to be coming in contact with the cover.

I like to make a really long cast and deliberately let the 'Trap get hung up in the grass, on purpose. Once it gets hung up and is bogging down, then I will give it a sweep to the side to break it free from the grass. Almost always, that is when I encounter the strike.

I am mindful when I make that sweep and anticipate the bite is coming; so I continue to reel during the side sweep, so there isn't a bunch of slack line out.

On a high tide situation, I will use a 3/4 oz 'Trap; because I want to make sure it gets down and is grabbing the grass. Then, I can rip it free and trigger a strike.


You have to keep a 'Trap moving. It is a lure that must be moving to get a strike. Cast it, immediately start reeling, let it fall to the grass and give a quick pop to the right, break free and continue the process all the way back to the boat.  You may even look crazy, like you're swatting away bees, because you're constantly jerking the 'Trap free.

Let it bog down, snatch it out, let it bog down, snatch it out.

That is how you get bit on the lipless.

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The Rat-L-Trap Open, a Best Bass Tournaments (BBT) event, presented by Cousins Tackle blasts off on April 19, 2015 at Russo's Marina.

All anglers are welcome!

Entry is $100 per boat, with an optional big bass pot for $20.

100% payback is offered.

All current Bill Lewis products are now eligible, including lipless and lipped lures such as the Echo 1.75 and the Slap-Stick.

More information: http://www.bestbasstournaments.com/ratltrap