Z-Man® Fishing’s new SlingBladeZ™ spinnerbait comes alive at ICAST 2018

LADSON, SC– How exactly does one remake a classic, already exceptional bass bait? That’s the self-imposed question the tackle techs at Z-Man asked themselves about a year ago, as they stood before a big white drawing board.

The objectives were clear: To re-engineer a new breed of spinnerbait. To optimize wire material, bend and metal blades so they reverberate perfect bass music—those powerful, low-frequency vibrations fish perceive and attack via lateral line. And to imbue the spinnerbait with a talent for tracking straight as an arrow at all times and at any retrieve speed. Plus, a few more goodies up its sleeve . . .

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Did they succeed? See what Bassmaster Elite Series pro Luke Clausen has to say. Plus, get the full scoop from Z-Man Fishing at ICAST 2018.