Rio Blanco Lake and Reports


Friday, May 2nd, 2003

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    Water Temp: 50-55

    Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility)

    Report: Fishing seems to be slow latley, have been catching some pike here and there, but mostly crappie and bluegill. water has started to ill up and has really improved the ishing.But getting the boat in the water. I have ound the ishing quite well rom the bank.I you go over near the rocky areas,thats what seems to be holding the crappie and bluegill, which also have made the pike come up .
    City: Glenwood Springs

    Tips: Right now I would suggest 1/6 o anounce tube jig(pumpkin seed or watermelon.) And or pike I would suggest a darker colored husky jerk rapala or pike.