Oroville Lake and Reports

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Saturday, Apr 4
Hi: 45 ° F
Lo: 37 ° F
Rain Showers
Precip: 99%
Rain Showers
Precip: 98%

Tuesday, October 9th, 2018

  • Water Temp: Temp? never looked, elevation 706.52

    Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility)

    Report: Got launched at Bidwell about 6:30, didn't leave the dock till about 6:45, seems a fuse blew and could not get electronics working, once fixed, on my way. Fished the main lake today, sure glad I did. Worst part was the trolling motor on the blink, so had to idle the motor the whole trip, revers, forward etc to hold in position and found it actually works ok if in a bind. Best trip in a long time, found a giant bait ball, and lots of fish under on my 4th stop. First stop, 2 basic 13" spots, second stop 1 nice 15", third stop a decent 14 1/2", Third stop, amazing fishing, like one hears about buy hardly ever has it happen to them. Spent nearly 2 hours fishing the last location, catching another 12 spots, with none under 14", really, nearly every cast a fish, like taking candy from a baby. Shallow fish too, all taken in 20-30 foot of water. Total 16 spots today, ending the fishing as the sun came over the hill and the bite died. Mostly fat looking fish today, so amazing to catch many fish like this. Trying the same location first next week!!! Funny, never even looked at water temps. Hard to remember but think it was 2 15", 2 14 1/2", many 14". Many picture in fishing forum.

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018

  • Water Temp: 70 degrees, elevation 711.07

    Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility)

    Report: Launched at Bidwell about 6:30 am, even though Lime Saddle was still open as I drove by early. Breezy at launch time, but by 7 am, hardly any breeze. Looked like it was going to be a perfect fishing day, NOT. Tried just about every color I own, fished shallow, fished deep, points, steep points, rocky banks, clay banks, boulders, you name it, tried it all. Fish were not wanting to eat today for some reason, no idea why. Probably my worst day ever on Oroville. Picked up 4 spots, all the basic 13 13 1/2" variety. Probably made 10-15 moves trying to find fish, nothing but one about every hour, gave up at 10 am. All fish looked pretty much the same as the pictured one! Giving it a try next week.

Thursday, September 27th, 2018

  • Water Temp: 70 degrees, elevation 717.36

    Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility)

    Report: launched at Lime saddle at about 6:15 am, trailer back in the water at 9 am, probably my last launch at Lime Saddle, as water probably too low next week, so headed to Bidwell next trip. Fished the Lime saddle area, as the winds were blowing a fair amount. Started out great fishing, had 7 spots in the first hour, then, bite died, could not find the fish, or they just didn't want to eat. Ended up with 9 spots and a first for me, a sunfish ate a roboworm, and somehow got lip hooked. Just 10 fish today. Hate these windy days on the water, so left early. Forgot to check water temps, but kind of remember 70 degree range. Picture in fishing forum.

Tuesday, September 18th, 2018

  • Water Temp: 71 degrees, elevation 725.08

    Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility)

    Report: Launched about 6 am at Lime Saddle, funny, watch stopped, ended up back at the ramp at 10:30 am. Good old sun clock still works. Bite was a lot tougher today for some reason. About all I could catch were one, or two fish per location, fishing about 8-10 different locations for a total of 11 fish today. Funny, think I caught the same large mouth again. Best fish right at 14", all the rest basic 13-13 1/2" and no dinks. Water cooling, mostly 71 degree range. Water level now 925.08, 13 feet left before Lime saddle closes, about 2 more weeks. Pictures in fishing forum.

Wednesday, September 12th, 2018

  • Water Temp: 74 degrees, elevation 730.

    Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility)

    Report: ot launched about 5:45 am today at Lime Saddle, stopped fishing right at 10 am. Wow, glass like water most of the morning, due to the high clouds. Decent bite, picked up 17 spots, with nearly all 13 13 1/2" size, no big fish today. Got a rare surprise large mouth before heading out to the N. Fork. Most fish holding at about 30-35 foot mark today. Water cooling still, mostly 74 degree range. Lime Saddle is taking house boats off the water, as it looks like a couple more weeks before too low to launch. Water at 730 foot mark, ramp closes at about 712 foot mark. Picture is the small LM surprise. Picture in fishing forum.

Thursday, September 6th, 2018

  • Water Temp: 74.5, elevation 735.73

    Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility)

    Report: Got launched at Lime Saddle about 6:45, still a tad early to launch. Water seemed like it dropped an extra amount since last week. Water way around the corner now. Perfect weather, barely a breeze due to the high cloud cover. Bite seemed off a tad today, and super soft bite at that. Began on the point on the left of the docks, and got 4-5 fish, as the rocks are now above water. Second stop, nothing. Third stop a nice 16" spot and a 14". 4th stop, just a couple fish, 5 stop, just a couple. All other fish basic 12-13 1/2" size. Anyway, picked up 12 spots today and called it quits at 9:00 am. Pictures in fishing forum.

Tuesday, August 28th, 2018

  • Water Temp: 75.3 degrees, elevation 744.22

    Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility)

    Report: Slept in a tad and got launched about 5:50 am, still a tad too soon. Stopped fishing right at 10 am. Water going around the corner at the bottom of the ramp as expected. Fished the same point at the end of the boat docks as first stop, picked up 8 spots again. That point has been consistent for 3-4 weeks now. Second stop no fish, third stop at the point right side past hyw 70, got 2-3, got to N. Fork and found fish, but no real size to any of them. Mostly 13-13 1/2" and 1/4 of them under 13". Headed back in and finally found a couple decent fish at the hwy 70 bridge pilings. Picked up 22 spots today, best 15", second best 14". Water cooling fast, high 75.3 degrees, Couple more weeks if no hot spells, should be back under 70 degrees and fishing get better. Pictures in fishing forum.

Tuesday, August 21st, 2018

  • Water Temp: 78.2, elevation 752.34

    Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility)

    Report: Got launched way too early at lime Saddle today, right about 5:30 am, Dark! Need to adjust clock another 15 minutes later to wake up. 6 am about right time to launch now days. Burr, cool, almost cold this am for a change. Bite was a tad slow, fish still holding on the point left of the docks, just not as many, and slightly smaller. Picked up 8 spots then the bite dies. Fish were still deeper, 30-35 foot range. Hit 3 other location and picked up another 8 fish, all the basic spotted bass, nothing of any size today. Other then the Catfish that hit a worm soon as it hit bottom. Love the feel at first, makes you think you have a giant spot, till they begin to shake the head. Looked to be 6-7 pounds. Water cooling still, right at 78 to 78.3 degrees. Water beginning to make the turn at the bottom of the ramp!! Released all fish as always, to grow bigger and catch again one day. Pictures in fishing forum.

Wednesday, August 15th, 2018

  • Water Temp: 48.5 degrees, elevation 760.39

    Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility)

    Report: Decent fishing today. Got launched at 5:30 am, stopped fishing right at 9:30 am. Fished the point at the end of the boat dock first, and picked up 14 spots, spent 1 1/4 hours working back and forth. No giants, but all decent 13 to 13 1/2" fish. Remember, catch a fish, stay on the location, working it, as so many times the spots are schooled up. Second stop, nothing!! held fish last week. Third location gave up 9 fish, and a little better size with one 15", one 14 1/2", one 14" and the rest 13 1/2" for a total of 23 spots. Seems better fish are coming around as the water cooled down to 78.5 degrees. Just about all fish hooked right at 30-35 foot mark. Hardly any breeze this am, making for easy boat holding on location. Wild guess, but figure Lime Saddle has 7 weeks left before running out of ramp water. Lake dropped 25 feet last month, only 48.39 feet of water left before ramp closes at 712 feet. Pictures in fishing forum.

Thursday, August 9th, 2018

  • Water Temp: 78.6, elevation 768.046.58

    Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility)

    Report: ays started bad, left, got 5-6 miles down the road and had to turn around, forgot the camera!! Still, got launched at Lime Saddle about 5:40 am, fished till 9:30 am when it began to get hot. Better fishing today, first stop in Lime Saddle area got 10 spots, all from one location, all at about 35 feet. One cast, soon as the worm hit bottom, wham, thought it was a giant spots for a second, then realized a cat fish. Second location just 2 spots. Third location, made me happy, slightly larger fish, picking up another 10 spots. Caught 22 fish today, about 60 percent 13-14 1/2", the rest the basic 12-13". Water cooled a tad due to smoke, think that helped the bite some. Just about all fish taken 35 to 45 foot mark. Best fish 14 1/2", second best 14", not counting the catfish. Released all fish as usual.Pictures in fishing forum.

Friday, August 3rd, 2018

  • Water Temp: 81.7 degrees, elevation 774.34

    Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility)

    Report: Not a good morning on the water for me. To begin with, half way to the Lime Saddle ramp, realize I forgot my morning meds, which includes allergy meds, not going back so get launched about 5:30 am, and fish in the smoke haze. Didn't take long for my allergies to get going, feeling like crap but fished anyway. Funny, when one is not feeling well, hard to get into the hunt and catch fish. Only got 13 fish this morning, could not seem to find them at all, like the smoke seems to bother them too. Best fish right at 13 1/2". My last Friday fishing forever. Get back to the ramp at 9 am and it looks like a circus, boats sitting at the launch, yet no one launching. I call them weekend boater, no clue how to keep a ramp moving, like they are the only ones around!!! Took nearly 25 minutes to be able to get the boat off the water! Picture in fishing forum.

Wednesday, July 25th, 2018

  • Report: by Kennortonjr ยป Wed Jul 25, 2018 11:18 am

    My buddy and I fished out of lime saddle this morning (up the west branch) and we just had one fish between us. I am so used to fishing from the shore in Parrish cove/Nelson bar and still picking up tactics for deeper water and from a boat.... When you say you are catching them at 35-40 feet, is that on the bottom - or are they suspended at that depth and catching the bait on the fall? I suppose at that depth even a senko would need some added weight (either a drop shot or nail weight setup)?

  • Water Temp: 83.7 degrees, elevation ? site down.

    Water Clarity: Stained (2-4 foot visibility)

    Report: Launched at Lime Saddle right at 5:30 am, stopped fishing at 8:15 am, as it was getting darn hot, too hot for me! Typical hot summer bite. Lots of small fish to catch, larger fish tend to be few and hard to find. Picked up 17 fish, 2 best right at 14", if I stretched one got 14 1/4" !!!! Better fish caught deep, 35-40 foot range. Fished the Lime Saddle area, never went past Hwy 70 bridge. Water getting super warm, high 83.7 degrees. Not a good fishing temp!! Pictures in fishing forum.

Friday, July 20th, 2018

  • Water Temp: 82 degree range, elevation 789.32

    Water Clarity: Stained (2-4 foot visibility)

    Report: Got launched right at 5:30 am, stopped fishing at 9:am as is was getting hot!! Nothing special day, other then just about any structure holds fish, all smaller for me today. Made about 5 stops and picked up 27 fish, all mostly all 12-13" size, and a few 10" dinks, actually all dinks today. Best fish right at 13". Water hot now, 82 degree range and calm as can be, no winds!! Pat attention to where the stick weeds are growing, right above high water line this year. They grow to 3-4 feet tall, loose the leaves, leaving sticks. When they go under water next year, they will hold fish well, always caught quality fish in the stick weeds. Mark your maps, mental notes, as the lake has lots of them growing this year. Got a picture for those that don't know about them. Pictures in fishing forum.

Thursday, July 12th, 2018

  • Water Temp: 79 degrees, elevation 796.54

    Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility)

    Report: Good to be back on the lake, skipped last week due to the 4th crowds. Got launched about 5:30 am at Lime Saddle and found a decent bite at the end of the point, right under the gas dock, picking up 11 fish in about an hour. Best 2 fish of the day from this location, right at 14 1/2" and 14", all fish 28-35 feet of water. Moved on to the N. Fork and found schooling fish in 30 feet of water, with a giant boulder they were hanging on. This second stop gave up another 10-12 fish, one right after the other. Hit 2 more locations and ended up with 37 fish for the morning, before calling it a day at 9:15 am. About half the fish the 13-13 1/2" range, the other half the smaller 11-12" range runts. Overall, great trip and lots of action, even though no real big fish, so typical in the summer. Found a bear out for a swim on the way to N. Fork area. He or she was huffing and puffy while swimming, but made it to shore and off it went. Pictures in fishing forum.

Wednesday, June 27th, 2018

  • Water Temp: 77-78, elevation 806.80

    Water Clarity: Stained (2-4 foot visibility)

    Report: Got launched early right at 5:30 am, stopped fishing at 9 am. Headed to the N. Fork and found many fish, but dam, all small buggers. Fish were plentiful, but all small as they come. Could not find anything over 13" today out of 19 fish caught. Might be the warm water 77-78 degrees. Looked deep, still nothing worth a photo, so in the way in, picked up a typical fish at hwy 70 bridge pilings and took a picture of the basic fish today. Fishing and catching these small ones makes me want to not fish, but will fish anyway. Water has cleared up a lot, from some of the areas that had or still has algae bloom. Cleaner water had the better fishing. Picture in fishing forum.

Tuesday, June 12th, 2018

  • Water Temp: 73-74, elevation 815.92

    Water Clarity: Stained (2-4 foot visibility)

    Report: Launched about 5:30 am at Lime Saddle and fished till 9:30 am. Tried the drop off again, not nearly as super as last trip, picked up just 8 fish, then went to N. Fork and got another 18 for 26 fish today. Size kind of sucked, just 2 14", with about half the rest 13- to just shy of 14", the other half 11-12" tiny ones. Surprised at how much algae is in the water, and so soon in the season. Some areas cloudy, with clump like algae, other areas clear as can be. Guess the algae is good for the hatch this year, as fry need food!! Water 73-74 range and with warmer water, so many runts along the shore line. Surprised again at how calm and no winds. Pictures in fishing forum.

Wednesday, June 6th, 2018

  • Water Temp: 73-74 degree range, elevation 818.10

    Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility)

    Report: Like taking candy from kids. Got launched at about 5:40 am, stopped fishing about 9:40 am. Amazing fishing day. I fished the drop off again, that everyone that uses Lime Saddle should know about, but none every seem to fish it for some reason, like can't fish local, motor past one of the best locations around for some reason. So, I pretty much parked in a 30 foot section over the drop off at 35 feet, and caught 21 spots, one right after the other. This time they didn't get spooked so fast, fished the area for 2 hours straight, at first every cast a fish, then tapered off a tad, and a fish every two or three cast. Almost all the fish in the 13" to 14" range, with just a couple under 13" Drag almost any bait from the 25 foot depth, to go over the drop off at 35 feet and get bit. Hope the lake holds it's level a while, fishing this location every trip. After the bite stopped, went to the north fork and got another 10 fish, for 31 fish by 9:40 am, a couple small Smallies. Odd, no winds in the N. Fork, or hardly any. Best two fish right at 14", lost one that felt bigger. Pictures in fishing forum.

Friday, June 1st, 2018

  • Water Temp: 72, elevation 818.51

    Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility)

    Report: Got an early start, launched at 5:30 am, fished till 9:40 am. Water cooled a tad from the last rain, 72 degree range mostly. Fished basic Lime saddle and west branch for a change. Fish sure look off, skinny after spawn. Most fish caught 20-35 feet, best fish right at 35 feet. Caught just 22 spots, two best right at 14", and looking so thin. beginning to find large bait balls, and fish were right under them. Found one school on the top edge of a drop off, that gave up 7 fish, one right after the other, each cast. Kind of fishing I like. Eventually they get spooked and the bite drops off. Must have been some type of tournament, as 10-15 boats came to fish the west branch. Lake virtually stable for a week now, rare to find water level sticking within a foot for a week. Pictures in fishing forum.

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018

  • Water Temp: 73.9, elevation 821.21

    Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility)

    Report: Launched at Lime Saddle about 5:35 am, stopped fishing at 9:15 am, didn't really feel good and gave up. Slow bite for me, think it's was just me, not feeling super. Only got 14 fish, all in the 13 13 1/2: size, and best right at 15" no 14" range. Bite seems to sour when your really not up to fishing. Dam winds had me frustrated and not feeling super, makes a crappy bite!! Water high temp I found 73.6, most 72.9 Water came down about a foot or fraction more over the last week. Saw tons of carp shallow, must be spawn time for them, groups of 6-8 fish hanging around the shore. Picture in fishing forum.